How to Deal with Unfair Parents in Islam

how to deal with unfair parents in islam

Dealing with toxic parents is an issue that isn’t talked about enough in Islam. We shall discuss how to deal with unfair parents in Islam. If you have a look at most cultures throughout the world, you’ll notice that most of them hold a place of importance and respect for parents. This is more prevalent … Read more

Interfaith Marriage in Islam- Can a Muslim Marry a Non Muslim?

Can a Muslim marry a non Muslim

As years gone by, tens and thousands of Muslim men emigrated from the east to the west. They end up marrying non-Muslim women of different nationalities. Upon marrying these women, these men fulfilled their wishes of attaining residency and get benefited financially. However, this interfaith marriage in Islam, ended up creating significant problems as well.   … Read more

Duas to Thank Allah

All praise to Allah SWT. Thankfulness or shukr holds the highest value and greatest virtue for all Muslims. We should always be thankful to Allah SWT for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Every breath we take is a blessing. Everything that we possess including our family, health, house and wealth have … Read more

Friendship Between Man and Woman in Islam

Friendship between Man and Woman in Islam

It is not permissible to have a non-mahrams or opposite gender friendship between man and woman in Islam.  For example, after a tiring day’s work, your peers consisting of both men and women plan on hanging out. You may consider the female friends within the group, ‘a sister’. Although, you aren’t related to her.  So, … Read more

Quranic Verses About Love

quranic verses about love

Islam encourages showing mutual love, intimacy and affection unlike any other religion. According to Islam, love is encompassing. It can promote a halal and healthy relationship between friends, neighbors, spouses and most importantly families.    We are blessed to be born as Muslims. It is imperative that we always look for guidance from the holy Quran, … Read more

Marriage is Half Your Deen

Half Your Deen

Our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH) said that “Whoever marries has achieved one half of one’s religion.” There are other benefits of marriage. This is exactly why it is said that marriage is half your deen. It helps in fulfilling your desires in a halal way. Your companion will undoubtedly encourage you to do better in … Read more

Before Considering a Proposal How to Pray Istikhara for Marriage

how to pray istikhara for marriage

It is imperative that you seek Allah’s blessing and guidance before considering a marriage proposal. Because Allah SWT knows what is best suited for you. To smoothen your path before choosing someone for marriage, you may consider praying Istikhara.   Therefore, before considering a proposal, you need to know how to pray Istikhara for Marriage.  We … Read more

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