Why Choose Noble Marriage?

Muslims form the largest religious community that still practices arranged marriage as opposed to dating and love marriage. At NobleMarriage, we help those who want to take the traditional marriage route through our state-of-the-art online matrimony platform. The idea behind our services is to make marriage very easy to the point that we make it difficult for you to remain single! We used extensive research and smart match-making algorithm to make the search easy for you. Noble Marriage’s online matrimonial service is designed in such a way which keeps your marriage pursuit halal and we follow appropriate Islamic guidelines which makes us the best matrimony site and App for the practising Muslim brothers and sisters.

You are just a tap away from accessing our Website and Mobile App’s rich database of like-minded profiles who are serious, committed and ready to start the holy journey of married life. Here are some of the reasons you should choose NobleMarriage to start the noble pursuit of getting married.

Halal Muslim Marriage Services

NobleMarriage Halal Muslim Marriage Services


NobleMarriage is an online match-making platform to help Muslims in choosing the right partner for marriage. We aid you in your life partner search for free when you register on our site, and later on you can upgrade to get the full access. There are many dating sites out there, but there is a huge market gap for Muslim friendly serious matrimonial services online. The few sites which are trying to cater to the needs of Muslim matrimony services online, are either not fully equipped to provide seamless global service at a large scale or not following the Islamic guidelines although claiming to be Muslim match-making platform. Noble Marriage has invested great intellectual and tangible resources to make our website and App the best matrimony platform for serious Muslims who are looking to get married. On the other hand, we have kept a team of dedicated members to ensure our users can have a true halal experience in their pursuit of finding compatible Muslim life partner.

Allah says in the Quran that

women of righteousness are for men of righteousness and vice versa (Surah An-Noor: Verse 26).

Noble Marriage brings together the righteous Muslims and those who want to have a fresh righteous start through marriage. This is also with the objective of helping the revert Muslims to get married in halal way through our online matrimony services. To keep our services halal and transparent, all our contents are supervised by a team of Islamic experts, and at the same time we try that our service of matrimony best suits our users’ demand. Our efficient algorithm finds you the best possible matches with whom you can choose marriage and fulfil your religious and social obligations. Our Muslim marriage services are reliable, secure, and follow the core teachings of Quran, Sunnah and traditional customs.

If you are single and want a life partner for the first time, probably you are looking into various marriage websites, or may be you are a divorcee who is looking into second marriage sites for a great fresh start; stop looking and start your search with NobleMarriage. As long as you have legitimate reasons for marrying, NobleMarriage does its best to accommodate you.

Safe Haven for Sisters Who Are Concerned About Privacy and Strictly Want to Guard Their Modesty

NobleMarriage Safe Haven for Sisters

One of the biggest concerns of practising Muslim sisters is that of privacy while using any online matrimonial services. NobleMarriage has taken this matter with highest priority and we have dedicated a team to maintain privacy of female profiles. In order to achieve this, we have kept two picture options for sisters- (i) fully hidden, (ii) appropriately blurred, giving no exposure to the stranger males. Besides, we are building a mechanism to keep female database completely separate from male database, where the female database will be exclusively controlled and maintained by a team of practising sisters, giving virtually zero access to any male administrators. This is often entirely ignored by many Muslim matrimonial websites and apps, where sensitive data of our sisters remain at the mercy of male administrators. NobleMarriage not only protects the data of our sisters through our dedicated service, but also helps them to guard modesty by preventing any form abusive language or indecent correspondences from any users, through our online monitoring team.

Traditional Marriage Made Easy

Traditional Marriage Made Easy in NobleMarriage

The convenience of modern marriage websites is brought to life by Noble Marriage. You will be able to meet the person who takes your hand in marriage while still following the tradition and rules of Islamic marriage through our site. With our easy matrimony free registration, you get access to our rich database of your possible matches who can be your potential spouse.

Contrary to the popular belief, our online Muslim marriage services do not undermine religious values and culture. We preserve the ways of choosing a life partner under the teachings of Allah and His messenger (Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam).

What we bring to the table is the novelty of meeting a suitable spouse without having to meet in person at first. You will have the freedom to choose who will best fit your preference before agreeing to proceed with the formalities of a marriage proposal. We have the option of keeping the sisters Wali (Guardian) updated with your development with a potential match to keep things transparent and halal. At NobleMarriage, we offer our members a safe space to meet and look for the best matrimony partner. After all, living together for a lifetime is a lovely prospect when you are with the right person.

Easy to Find the Right Profile

Find the Right Profile in NobleMarriage

If you notice in an arranged marriage, a lot of days or even months are spent by families trying to look for a suitable spouse. They spend money, time and other resources that can be exhausting, especially for the parents, the longer it goes on.

Noble Marriage as a free marriage website with comprehensive database of serious and committed members who go through our rigorous profile review to ensure 100% authenticity of profiles, which ultimately enables us to find the perfect match for you. All of the member profiles are easily accessible through the website or the free marriage phone Apps made available by NobleMarriage. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily upgrade to get unlimited access to contact with the users.

All our users are required to complete “Match Preferences” section while creating their profiles, which allows our smart match-making algorithm to bring the most appropriate matches under “Recommended Matches” section in the landing page. This is an incredible tool, which directly saves you time and effort in choosing the right partner for marriage. We have matrimony free search option, without having to upgrade. Our database contains profiles with diversified ethnicity, geo locations, hobbies and interests; which gives users a wide selection of potential matches. With our sleek, responsive and user-friendly web and App interface design, finding the right profile is convenient and fun.

Security and Privacy Controls

Security and Privacy Controls in NobleMarriage

Privacy and security are two concerns amongst the conservative Muslims in marriage and it becomes more of an issue while searching your match online. NobleMarriage assures our clients that any information collected on the website or Apps will remain protected under our data privacy policy. We regard your pictures and personal details shared on our websites as our Amanah. We will also protect your anonymity through our privacy controls, in which you can set your preference on who can and cannot see your profile.

As an online marriage agency, we vow to give you a safe and halal environment, following the core teachings of Islam. To do so, we perform profile screening to validate that a real user has created the account and not just a third-party phishing site.

We also have an option of earning “trust badge”, where user’s authenticity is verified by our administrator through some basic identification tools and procedures. The trust badge holders are shown top of the search listing, which works as an incentive to provide real information. However, we keep personal contact details, emails, etc. hidden from the profile, so that your privacy is preserved.

Our Muslim matrimonial website is 100% secure and updated with the latest web certificates to protect your identity online. All of your data remains undisclosed and private with us. Our safety protocols and high-level encryption ensure that your data is in safe hands.

We employ ICT solutions like profile screening and validity, SSL and other safety protocols for all of our services. Thus the road to fulfilling half of your Deen and forming a Muslim family with the right match is made secure, halal, and reliable by NobleMarriage.

Online Marriage Counseling

NobleMarriage Online Marriage Counseling

What sets us apart from other matrimony sites is that Noble Marriage offers online marriage counseling for our new and existing clients. We have a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge and experience on marriage therapy, and provide practical marriage advice according to Quran, Sunnah and vast experience in marriage advice / counseling. We also recommend our users the best marriage counseling books, complying with the teachings of Islam.

Now you don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for ‘couple counseling near me’ or ‘marriage counseling near me’ because what you need is right here on our NobleMarriage website. You can learn more about this feature when you register with us. We will send you newsletters and updates on any free sessions on online marriage counseling time to time. This will pave your way in forming a happy family in sha Allah and give marriage strength and sustainability.

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Those who are really looking into a serious relationship, traditional Islamic marriage is the right option to start your family. We facilitate this through modern solutions and easy-to-use technology. We deliver the best features and services that sweep the competition, whether for second marriage sites, free divorcee marriage sites, or the regular Muslim marriage site — we’ll surely cater to you, bringing our best offers to the table.

Let Noble Marriage help you choose the best match as your life partner, and start your journey to Noble Married life with our 100% reliable, halal and safe matchmaking online marriage services today!


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