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Noble Marriage is a free online match-making platform that was formed with the intention of bridging the gap that Muslim men and women face in finding a free matrimonial service that caters to their needs. There are many matrimonial sites on the Web, but not many focus on Muslim matrimony which is distinctly different from Western or Indian marriage sites. It is with the intention to cater to this neglected niche that we have come up with Noble Marriage which is distinctly not a dating website.  

We satisfy our Muslim brothers and sisters need to find their right partner in a secure, risk-free and halal setting. Since Muslims make up the largest number of people who still adhere to the traditional custom of arranged marriage, we believe it is our duty to uphold this tradition in this modern age. With this purpose in mind, we have created Noble Marriage as a free website, and accompanying app, that hosts a global index of like-minded Muslim men and women looking to take the first step towards marriage. In addition, we also cater to those looking to give marriage a second chance in order to create a new start for themselves.

In the modern world there is a new phenomenon of young people, even among young Muslims, choosing to remain unmarried. However, this is a dangerous phenomenon because it is an unnatural decision to abstain from marriage which gives rise to many social vices, promiscuity and sins. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has created everything in pairs, and He said “We have created all things in pairs, that perhaps you may remember” (Surah Ath- Thariyaat 51:49). The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu allayhi wa sallam) determined that marriage is part of his Sunnah, and all his true followers must adhere to this.

“Marriage is a sunnah of mine; and whosoever does not follow my Sunnah is not of my followers. Marry because I will display your outnumbering the other nations on Resurrection Day.”

(Sunnan ibn Maajah, Volume 3, Book 9, Hadeeth number 1846, p 58-59)

Thus, using Noble Marriage both Muslim brothers and sisters can fulfill their obligation to successfully complete their Islamic duties. We take our responsibility very seriously, especially with regards to protecting the modesty of our Muslim sisters. Privacy is the main concern of our sisters when they decide to embark on their search and this is why we give it the utmost priority. We have a dedicated team to maintain the privacy of female profiles and are in the process of building a mechanism where the female database will be stored separately, under the supervision of team of technologically savvy Muslim sisters, giving virtually zero access to any male administrators. The few Muslim matrimonial websites and apps there are do not engage with this issue at all, and the data of our sisters remain at the mercy of male administrators. But, rest assured that we have given this issue our highest priority and are working to fulfill our sisters' needs. We also ensure a safe environment for our sisters by preventing any form of abusive language or indecent correspondences from reaching them through our dedicated online monitoring team.

At NobleMarriage we ensure that our website and apps are absolutely secure and updated with the latest web certificates to protect our members identities online. Due to our safety protocols (such as profile screening and validity, SSL etc) and high-level encryption all of your data remains undisclosed and private.

We strive to keep our services halal and to ensure that, all our contents are kept under the strict supervision of a team of Islamic experts. Within this we try to ensure we are keeping our services available to Muslim brothers and sisters across the globe looking for appropriate matrimonial services. Our proprietary algorithm ensures you have the best matches with partners whom you can choose to marry and fulfill both your religious and social responsibilities. Our Muslim marriage services follow the core teaching of the Quran, Sunnah, and traditional customs across the globe.

One of our unique strategies in helping our Muslim brothers and sisters is to provide marriage counseling services for free via the website or corresponding apps. A prospective member does not have to Google 'marriage counseling near me' or 'couple counseling near me' anymore, because your needs can be satisfied by our team of marriage counseling experts either on the website or via the apps. Once a user registers with NobleMarriage, then we are able to send him/her updates on any free sessions on online marriage counseling from time to time.

At NobleMarriage we try to accommodate all legitimate reasons for wanting a Muslim marriage. Whether it's your first time looking online for a traditional partner, or a divorcee looking to get married again we are here to help you in your search for the most suitable Muslim partner. So, the path to fulfilling half of your Deen and forming a Muslim family with the right match is made secure, halal and reliable courtesy of NobleMarriage.


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