How to Use NobleMarriage

Meeting your matrimony life partner is as simple as logging into our free marriage website and searching the right person that fits your match preference. Find your way to a traditional, halal marriage just by making a thorough search from your mobile device!

Here are some pointers so you can make the most out of your Noble Marriage experience.

1. Register and Set Up Your Profile

Noble Marriage registration

Provide a valid email and choose an alphanumeric password that is easy for you to remember but hard to guess. Once you’re registered in NobleMarriage, fill out all the information required, and don’t forget to stay true! Make your profile complete by uploading your photo and having your phone number verified by following the instructions.

For our NobleMarriage sisters Marriage, Noble Marriage prioritizes your privacy and modesty through our profile picture options: fully hidden or blurred. 


2. Find Your Match!

Find you Muslim life partner

Our user-friendly search option, coupled with the smart match-making algorithm on our database, will help you find your life partner in just a few easy steps. You can start by performing a basic search —just key in the gender, age range, and country of your preferred nikah partner.

All relevant profiles based on your preference will turn up in just a click, and you will be able to perform a refined search, too.


3. Complete Your Match Preferences

muslim life partner match preferences

We know how important it is to choose the right spouse who brings you a fruitful marriage in Islam. By completing the ‘Match Preferences’ section, our smart match-making service can choose the most suitable recommendations for you. It helps save up on time and effort in selecting your best match.

Some of the categories to fill out include your ideal partner’s Education, Career, Social and Religious Background, and Location. From thousands of profiles, Noble Marriage will carefully trim down to the specific candidates who meet your selection!


4. Show Your Interest

When you’ve chosen a particular profile from the recommended matches list, you can now start expressing your interest in proceeding with the next step towards a marriage proposal. Much like in social media, you can send a request to them, and they will be notified when you do. You will also be able to receive request notifications from people who are interested in you.

There’s no need to worry because you can either accept or decline requests. There’s no need to interact with someone else unless you are ready and willing to. Showing mutual interest is one of the keys to a successful marriage.


5. Apply Filters

match preferences filters

It cannot be helped if there are profiles that don’t match what you are looking for in a life partner. You can set filters to avoid the trouble of having to manage requests from accounts you are not interested in. Match requests from people who don’t fit your criteria will then be redirected to the Filtered list.

This way, you will only be seeing like-minded NobleMarriage singles who are seriously looking for a partner like you.


6. Get an Upgrade

upgrade noble marriage account

Noble Marriage gives you a chance to avail of a premium membership if you want to unlock all the perks and benefits our website and app have to offer. You can get more valuable results and quicker responses when you choose to upgrade your account.

Premium members have the power to connect to their potential matches through email, phone, or chat. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet the most suitable person to share a life with after marriage!



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