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Before registering please read these terms and conditions carefully. You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions when using our services (installing & accessing our app or using our website). This is a legal agreement between you and Noble Marriage (by using noblemarriage.com or our iOS or Android apps you agree to abide by these terms and conditions). This agreement may be modified by NobleMarriage when/if required without any prior notice. This is a serious matchmaking service to seek a life partner and cannot be used for casual dating.

NobleMarriage is a Muslim friendly free matrimonial service which can be found both online and through our apps. We believe in respecting people's privacy, especially of our Muslim sisters, while using matrimonial services via the Internet. With that in mind, we do endeavor to keep our profiles legitimate and so potential users must accept our stringent profile review policies. In the end, this will enable us to find the best match for the users of our site and apps.


Access to Noble Marriage is free whether on the website or app. However, we do offer premium tiers of paid memberships for those looking to maximize their chances of meeting the right person. In order to use our website or app you must register using identifiable information about yourself, and consent to compile, process and display that information to provide the marriage/ nikah / shaadi service.


All our users are obligated to fill-up the “Match-preferences” section while setting up their profiles. This ensures our smart match-making algorithm to set you up with the best matches when you use our website or apps. In addition, one of NobleMarriage's specialities is the ability to offer online marriage counseling for both new and existing members. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge and experience regarding marriage therapy, and are able to provide practical matrimonial advice/counseling according to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.


Membership Terms and Agreement



Further, all photographs you upload to the NobleMarriage website or apps will be accurate, candid and recent photos of yourself. If the picture contains another person, then you warrant that you have their explicit consent tp upload the photo(s). Thereby, you agree to indemnify NobleMarriage and it's employees against any claim arising from you uploading unauthorized photos without the owner or subject's consent. 


Monitoring Policy


NobleMarriage as an online marriage agency is committed to providing a safe and halal environment for couples to meet. In order to ensure this, we periodically check and approve profiles, as well as moderating messages between members. This is to safeguard our members and is also in accordance with our Islamic principles and thus no exceptions will be made. 


Any member found to be trying to post personal details to take conversations off our website or apps will be banned. In addition, any member requesting to take conversations off our services when compatibility has not been established will be banned. Please note all members of NobleMarriage- whether free or using the paid versions via website or apps- will be subject to the rules mentioned herein these terms of use.


NobleMarriage reserves the right to certify the accuracy of Content posted by users on the site or apps. In exercising this right, we may ask users to provide any documentary other forms of evidence supporting the Content you post on the site or apps. If you cannot provide enough satisfactory evidence, NobleMarriage may, in its sole discretion, terminate your membership.








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