Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is NobleMarriage only suitable for practicing Muslims?

Answer: NobleMarriage is the World's most reliable Muslim marriage platform, which provides the most reliable and diverse portfolio of Muslims across the World. It caters to all Muslims who are looking to start a married life. It is equally suitable for those who have never married, divorcees, new Muslims / reverts. While we cater to the specific needs of practicing Muslims, we highly recommend every Muslim seeking marriage to join this platform.

2. Is it actually FREE to sign up?

Answer: We do not require any payment or credit / debit card information if you want to sign up and explore the profiles of your interest. We only require you to give true information about yourself, so that we can find a suitable match for you through our rich search algorithm.

3. Why do I need a premium subscription?

Answer: NobleMarriage charges a very nominal amount for premium membership, which helps you to find your potential spouse very easily. If you are a premium member, then you can send messages to and read messages from any premium members. You can also view pictures of any premium members with permission and your success is almost assured in shā Allāh.

4. What are the different packages of memberships available?

Answer: We have monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription options. Visit our payment section to explore more and to find the benefits that you will enjoy in premium membership compared to basic membership.

5. How can I stop auto-recurring payment option?

Answer: At the time of selecting your payment options, you can simply choose not to auto recur your membership payment.

6. What is the use of the user ID?

Answer: A user ID is a unique number given to a subscriber and no two subscribers can have the same ID. It helps us to give you a quicker service whenever we get an enquiry. Furthermore, multiple users can have same name but their user IDs will be different and unique. If you save or keep record of any user's ID, you can search by the ID and it will direct to the precise profile you are looking for.

7. Why can I not see photos of any female profiles in the display?

Answer: A female user has two general options for the display pictures- fully hidden or blurred. This is to give more privacy to our sisters by ensuring random users will not be able to see their photos without their consent.

There is an option to send a photo exchange request to any female subscriber who has uploaded photos. If she accepts the request, you will be able to access her photos for a valid time period. We recommend users to only send photo exchange request after some basic compatibility is established. This helps a user to earn credibility, as it is a more respectful approach.

8. Many sites claim to be Muslim friendly matchmaking sites, but in reality we see quite opposite- how is Noble Marriage different from this?

Answer: Our main concept is to provide privacy, real data, diverse portfolio and an environment that helps Muslims seek their spouses in a halal manner. A team of Muslim experts worked behind the design and architecture of this product, which helped us to build a strong platform adhering to the basic principles of Islam for online Muslim matrimony. At the operational level, we also have a halal monitoring policy, which ensures we let the users engage in a modest and permissible way under the purview of Islam.

9. I am a convert / revert Muslim, can I find a Muslim spouse through NobleMarriage?

Answer: First of all, congratulations for choosing Islam as your way of life and salvation. We not only accommodate revert brothers and sisters to open profiles here but we actively promote our services to the revert segment to help them find an appropriate spouse through NobleMarriage. If you are a revert, it is extremely important for you to find a practicing Muslim spouse which will facilitate your great journey into Islam. Hurry up to register with NobleMarriage and we will give you the best platform to find your Muslim spouse in this life and in the hereafter in shā Allāh.

10. I am a divorcee. Does Noble Marriage provide divorcee matrimony services?

Answer: Yes, we do! We encourage people to get married whether you are a divorcee or seeking marriage for the first time. We promote ourselves heavily in the divorcee segment, and we encourage you to get your subscription ASAP!

11. How to share a success story?

Answer: We urge all our members to share their success story with us as it helps others who are looking for marriage. You can go to contact us section and submit your story to us. 

12. Can I get a refund if I have already found a spouse or I am no longer interested?

Answer: Once you purchase a subscription plan, it cannot be refunded. But if you want to transfer your subscription plan to a friend or a family member, please write to us and we will review your request.

13. I have viewed too many profiles and I am overwhelmed by the amount of information. How can I sort my information to help me review the profiles in an organized way?

Answer: We have great practical tools to help our members in their pursuit of marriage. If you like a profile, you can add that to your shortlist. Also, you can add a personal note about a profile, which will help you to remember the points that you noted about a profile.

14. What is "Upgrade another user's profile"?

Answer: This is the most unique feature of Noble Marriage, which has been introduced for the first time ever for any matrimony sites or apps. If you like a profile but that is not a premium member, you actually cannot establish a communication unless that profile upgrades. With this feature, you can now upgrade your desired profile for a week time and give access to only communicate with you. This gives a huge competitive advantage in your pursuit of marriage with a desired person.

15. Can I recommend others to Noble Marriage and get discount for my subscription?

Answer: Noble Marriage believes that our subscribers are our biggest marketing tools! Your positive feedback means a lot to us. If you have recommended our services to another person who purchases a premium membership plan, please write to us with your recommended profile's details. We will verify and give you a discount in your upcoming month's subscription fees.


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