Before Considering a Proposal How to Pray Istikhara for Marriage

how to pray istikhara for marriage

It is imperative that you seek Allah’s blessing and guidance before considering a marriage proposal. Because Allah SWT knows what is best suited for you. To smoothen your path before choosing someone for marriage, you may consider praying Istikhara.   Therefore, before considering a proposal, you need to know how to pray Istikhara for Marriage.  We … Read more

20 Beautiful Islamic Praying Quotes According To Quran

islamic praying quotes

Prayer in Islam is also known as namaz, it is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims are required to pray five obligatory prayers daily. Prayer is a physical, spiritual, and mental act of worshipping Allah SWT. You must pray the five daily prayers, at the designated times. During prayers, as Muslims, you must … Read more

Commitment: Marriage Joins Two People In The Circle of Its Love

marriage joins two people in the circle of its love

Islam has a conservative viewpoint towards marriage. According to Islam, marriage is the foundation for having a prosperous life. Muslim societies put a lot of emphasis on having a loving family. In this article, we shall talk about how Marriage joins two people in the circle of its Love in Islamic perspective.  The following hadith … Read more

10 Ways on How to Get Closer to Allah

how to get closer to allah

Getting closer to Allah SWT is one of the fundamental necessities of all Muslims. It is the essence of being born as a Muslim. Along the course of this article, we shall discuss 10 ways through which you can get closer to Allah SWT. Through the five obligatory prayers and dhikr (remembrance of Allah) we can … Read more

The Brutal Truth: Marriage Expectations Vs Reality

You will have an understanding about the brutal truth behind Marriage expectations vs Reality. We have discussed for your convenience, 4 pieces of advice on the reality of marriage. We discussed the truth about marriage that nobody tells us

You are best advised to have prior knowledge about the realities of getting married. Nowadays, Muslim couples make extensive plans for the wedding or even their honeymoon. However, they are not always well prepared to spend their lives together. You should not rush to get married without considering the responsibilities that come along. Our idea … Read more

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