12 Reasons What Makes A Man Leave His Wife For Another Woman

A man leaves his wife for another woman when the resentment between the man and the woman becomes intolerable. If the man and the woman continue their relationship like this, then it would cause mischief to society.  This article comprises the reasons for what makes a man leave his wife for another woman. 

In Arabic, divorce is known as Talaq, which means ‘undoing the knot’. This is a terminology used by Islamic jurists. Talaq means the termination of the marriage contract. This requires you to pronounce certain words in the presence of an imam.

In Islam, marriage is a civil contract. It is a secret bond and divorce is strongly discouraged by Islam. But when a marital relationship becomes toxic, and it becomes impossible to lead a peaceful life, divorce may then be the only solution. 

What makes a man leave his wife for another woman

Some of the common reasons your husband might leave you for another woman are: 

  • Your husband has a feeling of not being able to offer enough
  • Men sometimes have the feeling that they aren’t able to offer enough to the marriage and his family. It doesn’t always have to be associated with finances. He might have a feeling that his presence is no longer necessary within the marriage 

    A time may come when the husband feels insignificant to the family. This may cause the man to look for another woman who values him more. For independent women, their husbands might feel they have little to offer. This feeling can cause your husband to look for another woman.  

  • Your husband may feel you’re using him
  • Men are conditioned to always provide for their wives. They are instinctively programmed to protect their loved ones. However, if a man feels that he’s not appreciated by his wife, then he may want to leave his wife. 

    If you show gratitude towards your husband, then your partner will feel special. This will increase the satisfaction in your relationship. Meaning you’ll achieve greater satisfaction in the presence of your partner.  

  • Your husband may feel emotionally disconnected
  • As husband and wife, both need to have a meaningful connection that goes way beyond the physical bond. If your husband feels distant emotionally, then both of you may drift apart. It may come to a point when you can no longer bridge the gap with your spouse. 

    There might be a sudden change in your husband’s emotional needs because of the loss of a loved one or because of losing his job. It is crucial that you’re able to identify why he feels emotionally disconnected. Otherwise, you won’t be able to offer him the required emotional support. This would make your husband feel unsatisfied.  

  • Your husband doesn’t feel the emotional intensity around you
  • Even if men act tough, they still require emotional support and intimacy. You can define emotional intimacy as an intense connection where partners require trust and a sense of security. If partners do not have emotional intimacy, then this leads to a poor married life.

    This can be one of the major reasons behind men wanting to leave their beloved wives.    

  • Your husband has the fear of losing control
  • Men always admire women who are independent and strong. But make sure to not overpower your husband to where he feels that you’re dominating & overpowering him. This can lead to cracks in your marital relationship. You should never make your husband feel as though he’s losing control within the marriage. 

    As his lawfully married wife, you should not play a role that’s too dominant. Doing this may cause your husband to look for a woman who’ll give him total control. 

  • Your husband has a higher physical need
  • Unsatisfactory and insufficient sex is one of the primary reasons for divorce. You may not be compatible with your husband in terms of his physical demands. How you approach your sex life with your husband plays a crucial role in having a successful conjugal life. 

    If you and your husband aren’t able to connect to each other, then sexual intercourse will be unsatisfactory. If your husband finds another woman who’ll offer greater physical intimacy, then he might move towards them. 

  • Your husband doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore
  • As you grow old, your personality and attitude change significantly. It is likely that your husband doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore. This can cause your husband to look for another woman. 

  • Your husband might feel pressurized
  • If you constantly remind your husband about the duties he must fulfill, then there may come a time when he acts differently and shies away from his responsibilities. He may feel intimidated if things move a bit too fast. 

    If he feels pressurized then, there may come a point when he will look for another woman who agrees to give him enough space and agrees to take things slow. 

  • Your husband may feel disrespected
  • If you make it a habit of belittling your husband, this will make him feel disrespected. If you continuously show your disapproval towards what he does, then he will feel demotivated. 

    You may feel as though your intentions were not bad, but your actions can say otherwise. If you aren’t able to respect your husband or if your husband doesn’t feel the same way about you, then it would cause your husband to look for another woman who values him. 

  • Your husband is bored with the married life
  • As a newly married couple, you feel excited to know and explore one another. However, as the years go by, the flame dies down. As you and your husband get busier with life, marriage may become less interesting. 

    If your husband does not feel the same way about you anymore, then he may move on. It is your responsibility to make sure that your husband feels loved whenever he is at your side.  

  • Your husband cannot be himself when he is around you
  • It can be quite bothersome for your husband if he has to think twice before saying something. The same goes for his actions. You must allow him to be himself when he is around you. 

    If at any point your husband feels stifled while he’s married to you then he may look for another woman who would make him feel happier. Your duty should always be to make your husband feel at ease when he is around you. 

  • Your husband no longer enjoys your company
  • If you and your husband grow apart and feel that you possess nothing in common, then you will not enjoy each other’s company. This is when you will feel caught up in your lives and prefer moving ahead without each other. 

    This is when your husband may look for another woman with who he’s compatible. But you must try your utmost to save the relationship. You must give it your all to make it work with your husband. It would be best if you sat down and had a conversation with your partner. 

    How to leave wife for another woman?

    When the spark is no longer there with the person you’re married to then, you may feel it is time to move on. But you should not take such a decision in a hurry. There might come a time when you’d want to leave your wife for someone else. 

    Leaving your wife may seem difficult at first, but it isn’t entirely impossible. But you must remain absolutely sure whether this is the path you want to take. So, you must maintain proper communication with your wife while making such a decision. 

    The following are some steps you can follow if you are considering leaving your wife for another woman. 

  • Be honest with your wife about why you’re unhappy 
  • You must be honest with your wife about what makes you unhappy. You should always communicate with your partner even about the smallest details. Not letting her know about your feelings will only end up hurting her. 

    Irrespective of what happens, you must always be honest with your wife. So, it is important that you discuss with her what makes you unhappy in a relationship. 

  • Make your wife understand that the cause of your unhappiness cannot be fixed
  • Even if it sounds harsh, you need to make your wife understand that the reason for your unhappiness cannot be solved. Your wife may take things differently. They may either agree with you or totally be against your decision of wanting to leave. Irrespective of what happens, you must stand your ground at all times. 

    So, you need to make your wife understand that you want to move on and they cannot change your decision.

  • You need to let your wife know about the other woman in your life
  • Tell your wife that you’ve grown fond of another woman. You need to get yourself prepared, as this is undoubtedly the most challenging task you have in hand. If you want to leave your wife for another woman, then you must remain honest with her. You should not reveal unnecessary details regarding the affair you’re having.

    You need to be absolutely clear about where you stand in your affair with the other woman. 

  •  Do not get physical with your wife during this phase
  • You should get yourself a place to stay away from your wife. This will ensure that you do not get physically involved with your wife during this phase. It will ease your pain as you leave your wife for someone else. But make sure you provide your wife with a way to contact you.  

    While it is important to give her space to contemplate that you are leaving her for another woman. 

  • You need to explain the relationship you have with your wife to the woman you’re having an affair with
  • Explaining this to the woman you choose to move on with would mean you’re respecting your wife’s feelings. Also, you must make sure to not flaunt your relationship in front of your wife.   

    Things that stop a man from leaving his wife for another woman

    All husbands do not cheat on their wives during their marriage. Some men who cheat on their wives with other women return to their wives later on. If the husband and the wife are determined to make the relationship work, then it would be best for them to have a thorough conversation about the do’s and don’ts. 

    You need to make sure that you are providing your husband with the required emotional support. If your husband gets proper emotional support from you, then your man will not leave you for another woman. A vast majority of men leave their wives when they feel it is absolutely necessary. 

    As a wife, if you do not let your marriage get infected by lack of communication or sexual issues, then your husband won’t commit infidelity. Hence, you won’t have to worry about your man leaving for another woman. 

    Will my husband regret leaving me for another woman?  

    Your husband may not always regret leaving you for another woman. Some men pursue women whom they feel possess better qualities than their partners. If your husband leaves you for another woman then, she might have traits that are compatible with your husband. 

    However, if the woman he leaves you for cannot offer anything more than sex, then he might regret leaving you. 

    Would my husband return to me once he has left me for another woman?

    It depends on how he perceives the relationship he had with you. Based on this, your husband may return to you. Your husband may consider all available options in hand, and if he feels returning to you would be the best one, then he would do so.  

    What are some signs that my husband isn’t comfortable around me?

    • Your husband cannot trust you 
    • Your husband feels you’ll judge him 
    • Your husband is hiding things from you 
    • Your husband is wary of his actions and words 
    • Your husband cannot be open about his feeling with you
    • Your husband feels agitated and frustrated in your presence

    What should I do when my husband loves someone else?

    When your husband does not feel the same way about you anymore and looks for another woman instead, then it would be best for you to get separated. You may talk to your husband to reevaluate your relationship. 

    What’s causing my relationship problems with my husband?

    • You are not sexually active
    • You’re easily annoyed by your husband 
    • You feel shackled within the relationship  
    • You go through unnecessary arguments 

    Why is communication important for your marriage?

    During the early stages of your marriage, you and your husband would talk for hours. You would discuss each other’s goals, expectations and fears. As time goes by the attraction may lessen, but it is vital that you communicate properly with your partner. 

    Your partner needs to be your go-to person. You should be able to talk to your husband and wife about anything. The conversation that you have with your partner should not only be about your work. 

    Make it a habit of focusing your conversation around your husband. Do not air your frustration towards your husband. Learn to be a good wife and listen to what your husband has to say. 

    It is important that you have an understanding of marriage expectation vs reality   


    What are the reasons that make a man leave his wife for another woman? Your husband may pursue another woman because of ample options or simply out of boredom. You may not feel not the intimacy or emotional attachment he desires. This is when he may start looking for other options.

    Your husband may fall in love with another woman, as he feels this would rekindle the spark within him. There can be many reasons that make your man leave you for another woman. The relationship that you have with your husband may be toxic to where he no longer enjoys your company. 

    Other reasons when your man no longer wants to be with you can be if he feels used by you, being emotionally spent, or if he meets someone he is compatible with. You may wonder what went wrong in your once joyous relationship. You can also seek counseling from a professional. This might help save your marriage.

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